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Student Leadership

The school builds up the leadership quality of Vistalites through a comprehensive leadership program. The two tier progressive leadership program aims to provide every student with leadership opportunities.

One tier of the leadership program is entitled ‘The Leader In Me’. The leadership roles offered to all students from P1-P6 comprise of class committee roles such as class chairman, security managers, fitness captains and eco rangers.

The 2nd tier of the leadership program is entitled ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow’. This program aims to talent spot students with exceptional leadership qualities and character. These students are known as the VSLs (Vista Student Leaders). The roles of the VSLs are to ensure the safety and well-being of students. They are deployed for break time duties to monitor students’ behaviours and safety. They also support in the daily school assembly and certain school events such as the Orientation Program, Vista Awards Ceremony, National Day Celebrations and Teachers’ Day Celebrations. The VSLs are first selected by their form and co-form teachers based on criteria. Followed by a series of interviews before they are selected to undertake the specific leadership roles.

The leadership roles are as follows:
P3 – Junior Leader
P4 – Peer Leader
P5 – Prefects/Councillors
P6 – Senior Prefects

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