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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


To develop an appreciation of the visual arts through various themes and forms of art media.


Students will
  • Observe their surroundings and respond to their ideas and imagination on their artwork.
  • Express their ideas through their artworks using a variety of art forms and art media.
  • Acquire appreciation of visual inquiry skills and use art vocabulary to describe, interpret and appreciate the role of art in life.

Programme Overview

P1 Paper Sculpture
Students will work on paper crafting projects. They will develop better skills in cutting papers and attaching the pieces neatly to form an artwork.

P2 Recycled Art
Students will explore materials in the environment and learn to reuse materials to make Art.

P3 Zentangle
In P3, the students explore making patterns using Zentangle. This pattern making technique will form the basis for the students’ future ideas for artworks.

P4 Photography
In P4, the students are coached on basic photography. They take photographs based on the various techniques taught in each lesson.

P5 Ceramics
Students learn how to make small projects using ceramic clay. They also learn to glaze the work and through this, they appreciate the time and effort required to complete a piece of ceramic artwork.

P6 Drawing and Painting
Students do observational drawings and explore still-life drawing using pencils, painting using watercolours and acrylic paints on various mediums.

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