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Our People

Message By Our Principal,

Mrs Dhillon Awtar Singh

DHILLON AWTAR SINGH.jpgIn the aspiration to build a Community of Learners at the School of the Future, we aim to inspire and mould young hearts and minds to take on the responsibilities of nation building,  instill in the youth a love for learning, instil in our children the core values of honesty, integrity and commitment and the need to work together to give their best to society through a collective effort for a better tomorrow.

We are guided by the following beliefs:

  • Children have enormous potential and curiosity. Children strive to understand the world, hypothesize their own theories to explain how it functions. Hence, opportunities must be provided for children to voice their thoughts and express openly their own intelligence from direct interaction with the environment and in social groups.

  • Each child has different learning needs and can be guided, motivated and encouraged to take on personal responsibility and ownership of their own learning.

  • Teachers play a critical role in understanding the needs of students. Through observations and the ability to inspire children, teachers provide the context for students’ interest in learning. The role of any teacher is that of a learner where he or she guides children to communicate thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Borrowing the words of Martin Luther King, “Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.” And as Swamy Vivekananda says, “Education is the manifestation of perfection that is already in man.” At North Vista Primary School, we seek to create an ideal environment of care and proper guidance so as to enable our pupils to grow into well rounded and balanced individuals.

The school will support staff learning and enable teachers to expand their capacities.

The entire school staff and parents collectively play an important role in working hand in hand in nurturing our children into self-confident, gracious citizens with right attitudes and behaviours.


An Interview with Mrs Lim Mei Lee,

Vice Principal

Mrs Lim.jpgMrs Lim Mei Lee, our Vice Principal is determined to make a difference in every child that passes through the gates of North Vista Primary School. "Every child is unique. Each has different interest and different needs. Honouring their voices is important. We do not merely teach the child English, Mathematics, Science or Mother Tongue. We teach the whole child!"

Indeed, this image of the child is key - the child who is curious, full of wonder, rich in resources and able to construct and co-construct his own learning. Teachers and students together discover the joy of learning.

Interview with Mr Victor Wee,

Vice Principal

Victor Wee.jpg

Scaling Higher Grounds

Educating children is the sole purpose why the school has been set up. I believe that education goes beyond the teaching of English, Maths Science and the Mother Tongue Languages. Every day as the students come to school, they learn to work and play and also care for one another. It is during these interactions that students go through every day in school that they start to make connections and meaning to the world around them. Through the course of making these connections, children will consolidate their ideas, thoughts and feelings into meaningful and cohesive wholes. We do not seek to pass knowledge along or replicate thinking but rather to advance the thinking of our students. School will continue to provide the safe environment for students to learn and grow each day.

Interview with Mr Michael Au,

Year Head

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."

Indeed, the education of our children rests not only in the hands of the teachers but also in the hands of our parents and the larger community. Collectively, they harness and develop the varied talents of our young to help them meet the changes and needs of a globalized world.

The school's Reggio philosophy advances the child's interests in broad themes, promoting discovery and inquiry-based learning. It encourages him to ask questions and seeks answers to the questions he wonders. Working on a child's Independent Research Study (IRS) for example, we get an insight into his deeper thoughts and ideas, albeit his tender age, of how he perceives the world around him and how he interacts with the environment.

At North Vista, parents and families are invited to participate in every possible way in the life of the school, including making decisions on school organizations and curriculum designs. Parents actively collaborate with teachers in understanding and interpreting children's learning and interest in order to plan the course of their children's investigations. Our teachers value such partnership as an intrinsic element of collegiality and as the integration of wisdom.

mr au.jpg
The role of teachers in a Reggio-Inspired school is complex and multifaceted. First and foremost, our teachers are learners alongside the children. We listen, observe and document our children's work and the growth of the community in the classrooms. The on-going discussions and dialogues we share with our co-teachers build a strong and collegial community of learners

As teacher-researchers, we are committed to continually reflect on our teaching and learning. We leverage on professional development tools such as action research, lesson studies and learning circles to hone our pedagogical skills. For example, the Mother Tongue Department has partnered with ETD, MOE to pilot an ICT programme known as 10C and 10M. We have also organized and presented Singapore's Largest Public Research in August 2010.

Interview with Miss Yeo Mei Fong,

Allied Educator (Counsellor)

mei fong.jpgThe School Family Education (SFE) programme in North Vista Primary School aims to build bridges between the school, home and community to support the holistic education of each child. It is important to equip parents with essential parenting skills so that they can partner the school in the character development of their children.

To achieve this, SFE harnesses the bonding opportunities such as prawning, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities to strengthen the relationship between the parent and the child. The parents and children work together to perform a task and overcome obstacles. The importance of a strong family life is reinforced through parenting and marriage talks for the adults. Everyone has a part to play and they have learnt how to play it well. We thank all our parents for willing to take that first step in building a strong and cohesive family. Your little step will help you go a long way.