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International Dance

The school dance team Vista Danza was set up in 2010. Our all girls’ team comprises of students from the P2 to P6 cohort. We offer Modular Dance & Excellence Dance.


Excellence Dance
  • to instil a great love for dance while inspiring self-confidence, develop appreciation of various modern dance forms, to strengthen discipline and to develop collective spirit while sustaining the love for dance.
  • to build character – Every dancer embodies the value of respect, resilience, responsibility, integrity, care and harmony.
Modular Dance
  • to have an appreciation of the art

Modular Dance

The 7-week programme offers participants the opportunity to learn the basic dance techniques and movements to have an appreciation of dance. Students who demonstrate potential and show interest may be invited to join Excellence Dance.

Excellence Dance

The Excellence programme provides training to adequately equip our members with good knowledge and techniques of the contemporary pop dance genres such as hip hop, street, lyrical jazz, theatrical and fusion to participate and perform at events and dance competitions.

There are 3 teams in Excellence Dance - Seniors, Juniors and Newbies. Seniors and Juniors who are committed and consistent in their progression will be shortlisted to represent the school to take part in SYF Arts Presentation.

Membership in this team is mainly through trial and invitation.

Practice Schedule

Modular Dance Excellence Dance
2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Mondays and Wednesdays
2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.


Name of Teacher Email Address
Miss Norazizah Ajis (Overall-In-Charge) norazizah_ajis@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Nur Faezah nur_faezah_mohammed_ali@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Xu Lupin xu_lupin@moe.edu.sg

Communication with Parents

Modular CCA dates will be communicated via Termly Principal Bulletin.
Excellence CCA schedule will be communicated via Letter to Parents at least 1 week before the start of training.

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