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The Creative Me


The Creative Workshop, conducted for the P3-5 levels provides an opportunity for pupils to experiences the joys and challenges that come with being an inventor. Given the challenge of turning an umbrella into another product, pupils utilized the SCAMPER technique to plan and create their own inventions.

At the end of the two day workshop, pupils had transformed the humble umbrella into walking sticks, a parachute, a haunted house, a raincoat and a grappling hook. 

Learning Through Inquiry

4 Nobility's inquiry into the Living System was indeed an enriching experience for all. Beginning with the overview of the living system, pupils were asked to label the internal and external parts of a human body (ENGAGE). With the activation of pupils prior knowledge and interest, the class went on to research on the various organs systems and their functions (EXPLORE I). Following the whole class sharing, focus was now placed on the digestive system, its organs and various functions. Using a 3D model of the human torso, pupils were allowed to link their readings to a 3D perspective (EXPLORE II). These activities provided a common experience for pupils to develop their conceptual understanding.

As pupils conceptual understanding developed, the nature of the inquiry slowly shifted from the teacher to the pupils (EXPLAIN & ELABORATE). This included a role playing exercise, where pupils played the role of doctors, attempting to diagnose illnesses related to the digestive system. This learning inquiry culminated in a project (EVALUATE).
Paper For Lunch?


Science Alive! was launched on the 1st April 2010 with a Paper Making Experience. With the aim of spreading the message of paper recycling, pupils were given the opportunity of experiencing first hand, the process of turning 'waste' paper back into reusable paper. During the 40-minute programme, pupils were brought through the various steps in paper recycling. In addition, pupils were able to view art exhibits made from recycled paper. From the blending and processing of paper into pulp, the adding of colouring, right up to the delicate process of paper-making, pupils were hands-on till this very end. Indeed, they were amazed to see how 'waste' paper was transformed into works of art.

Our pupils are now looking forward to an advanced paper-making workshop. In this workshop, pupils will be introduced to advanced methods of paper-making. This includes methods to create or textured recycled paper and ideas for art and craft.