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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)


To equip each Vistalite with the values, skills and attitudes to be a caring leader.

Vista Values Education

As part of North Vista Primary School’s character development program, our Vistalites take part in weekly assembly talks on values. Through story-telling, skits, videos and lessons, values are inculcated in our Vistalites who are given opportunities to demonstrate them through other platforms such as Catch Them Doing Right and our Values in Action projects.

Peer Support

Every Vistalite is inculcated with the mindset to be a Peer Supporter.

Every Primary 4 Vistalite will be buddied up with a Primary 1 Vistalite and the older student will look out for his/her younger peer. Platforms are provided for them to meet at a regular basis through peer bonding activities.

Every Primary 5 Vistalite will undergo a 3D2N overnight camp where friendships will be forged. Through this camp, Vistalite are inculcated with the mindset that they are to be responsible for themselves and their fellow peers.

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