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National Education/Social Studies (NESS)

National Education


National Education forms part of the school’s Citizenship Education Programme. In line with the 21st Century Competencies framework, our key mission is to nurture upright and gracious citizens who are ready to take on future challenges in playing the roles of active, caring leaders to better the lives of others around them.

NE Ambassadors

The National Education (NE) Programme aims to nurture pride and belonging to the nation. Hence, the National Education Ambassador imparts and models the National Education values as well as takes the lead to share amongst students at different platforms.

Students are selected as the NE ambassadors of North Vista Primary School to attend the NE Young Ambassadors Programme at the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) every year since 2016.

This programme conducted by SDC seeks to equip the selected students with the ‘headware’ and ‘heartware’ for the roles they are going to play ahead. The students are trained to have a basic foundation in Public Speaking to help build their confidence in public speaking.

Key Programmes

  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • National Education Show
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day Ceremony


Social Studies

Learning Outcomes

To develop students as Informed, Concerned and Participative Citizens

Curriculum Approach

Children are naturally inquisitive and the inquiry approach aims to harness this innate motivation in our students to inquire into things that catch their attention. Inquiry helps our students learn to judge whether the conclusions drawn by their peers are supported by sound information or based on opinions. Through the inquiry process, students are also empowered to be responsible for their own learning. A summary of the Inquiry approach is illustrated in the diagram below:

Inquiry Approach Illustration.png


The syllabus is framed by knowledge, skills and values outcomes that students will acquire in order to be informed, concerned and participative citizens with a global outlook.

It is organised in three clusters:
  • Cluster 1 (Primary 1 & 2): Discovering Self and Immediate Environment
  • Cluster 2 (Primary 3 & 4): Understanding Singapore in the Past and Present
  • Cluster 3 (Primary 5 & 6): Appreciating the World and Region We Live