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Physical Education, Aesthetics & Music (PAM)

Physical Education (P.E.)


Every Vistalite to acquire skills and values to be a healthy individual


Every Vistalite will
  • possess the Awareness of making healthy choices
  • develop the Attitude of living an active lifestyle
  • translate their learning into Action and enjoy physical activity

Key Programmes

  • Catch Them Eating Right! (Whole School)
Students are taught healthy eating habits. To affirm and encourage students who are eating right, they will be “caught” by teachers. The students will be affirmed during morning assembly and this in turn will encourage their fellow peers to eat right!

  • Self-Monitored Sports Challenge
Students are provided with a platform to engage in competitive sports in a non-threatening environment. This is done by self-monitored Sports Challenges that takes place during the break times. Score cards will be provided and the equipment will be made available to the students. In this way, students have the autonomy to organise their own games and to enjoy sports.

Self Monitored Sports Challenge.jpg
  • Unstructured Play @ Recess (Vista Sports Corner)
Specially curated and selected Sports Equipment are made available for students during recess. The school looks into novelty equipment that will pique the interest of the students to engage in Sports and to be physically active. This will in turn allow students of all levels to enjoy sports even when they are not able to have the equipment to do so.

Unstructured Play.jpg
  • Sports & Wellness
In addition to school-wide programmes, the school also puts in place targeted programmes to provide more support to students who might encounter obstacles and challenges to living a healthy lifestyle. These students are identified and invited to participate in this programme. For those students who require further support, the PE teachers will coach them individually.

Sports_ Wellness.jpg



To nurture the confidence of every Vistalite through experiencing and appreciating diverse forms of Music.


Every Vistalite will
  • Experience different forms of Music in their 6 year journey.
  • Experience authentic platforms to build their confidence through show and tell performances.
  • Acquire musical skills to allow them to appreciate music.

Key Programmes

  • P1 Handbells
Primary 1 students begin their musical journey through learning handbells that enable them to build their confidence in music-making and musical skills.

P1 Handbells.jpg

  • P2 Keyboard
Building on their musical experiences in Primary 1, the students will continue to learn to play the keyboards in Primary 2.

P2 Keyboard.jpg
  • P3 Ukulele
As the students grow in their musicality, the students will be introduced to stringed instruments. Ukulele is an excellent choice which fits the hands of the students and it will be developmentally appropriate for them to learn.

P3 Ukulele.jpg
  • P4 STOMP
Diversity in musical experiences is what the school strives to provide and the upper primary students will experience beat-making through different forms. STOMP provides the foundation as it explores the different forms of percussions instruments, played through a coordinated effort.

P4 STOMP.jpg
  • P5 & P6 Boomwhackers
The upper primary students will continue their percussion journey through a more structured form of percussions that will emphasize on the musicality through the percussion instruments.

The Boomwhacker programme runs consecutively for 2 years, increasing in difficulty as they reach Primary 6.

P5_6 Boomwhacker.jpg
  • Musical Odyssey
The Musical Odyssey is a milestone for the students to experience in partnership with their parents. Parents will be invited and involved in the learning process that their child/ward has undertaken through an authentic classroom learning experience. There will also be a short performance of 1 – 2 songs from the repertoire they have learnt during their music lessons.

Music Odyssey 1.jpg
Music Odyssey 2.jpg