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Principal's Message

SiMr Ong Photo 1.JPGnce its founding in 2008, the school has always placed its emphasis on the holistic development of Vistalites with a focus on leveraging technology for teaching and learning.  It has an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) which aims to develop computational and logical thinking in students through coding and the development of 21 CC through the application of the digital skills learnt to solve real world issues.  The school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), focusing on the Visual Art allows students to learn and appreciate the various art forms e.g. photography, ceramic and batik painting and work creatively and collaboratively to finish the assignments set.    

Though relatively young, the school has done fairly well not only in the academics but also in the aesthetics and sports domains.  The school is known for nurturing players talented in Rugby and Softball and consistently performs well in Choir, Band, and in the Chinese and International Dances at the SYF Presentations.
Mr. Phua Kia Wang, the founding Principal has set the initial directions for the school and Mrs. Dhillon A. Singh has further initiated and made changes to align with the school profile and changes in the education landscape.   

As the school’s third Principal, I will do my utmost to build upon the good work done by my predecessors to bring the school to the next lap. With its mission “Build Character, Inspire Passion in Learning”, the school is poised to nurture Vistalites who are prepared with the requisite knowledge and skillsets to access the many pathways open to them in their next educational journey.      

This year, we have started the MOE Kindergarten and with this, we hope to provide a seamless K-6 education experience for students in North Vista. Together with the staff and the continued strong support of parents and key stakeholders, we can realize our vision of building a Community of Learners who are: 

Critical Thinkers ---- Confident Team Players ---- Upright and Gracious Citizens 
Caring Leaders ---- Healthy Individuals ---- Appreciators of the Arts

Mr Ong Lye Whatt