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Parent Support Group (PSG)


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PSG@Vista Committee was formed in 2008. Our parent volunteers are like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating the best learning environment for the students, contributing time, effort and talent to support the school’s activities and initiatives.


To partner school in creating a nurturing and safe environment for our Vistalites while cultivating a spirit of compassion and volunteerism in our community.


Involve – Integrate – Inspire

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PSG@Vista Regular Duties

We support the school through various programmes such as the ‘Bistro Angels@Vista’ where parent volunteers patrol the school during recess breaks to ensure discipline and safety of the Vistalites.  Another avenue where parents contribute is through the ‘Reading Parents Programme’ where parents read to students in the Primary 1 and 2 Learning Support Programme.

PSG@Vista Events and Collaboration

Some events that our parent volunteers are involved in include ‘Science Eureka Week’ and ‘Maths is Fun’ recess activities. We render our support to the school by performing and facilitating in school celebrations and events such as Racial Harmony Day and Children’s Day.

We also co-organise events such as Tea Appreciation and Family Day to promote close relationships between school, parents and children. We actively support FamilyMatters@School and the Dads for Life movement, which organize workshops and events for parents to equip them with skills to nurture positive family relations.


PSG EXCO Members 2021

Top Row (From the left): Mdm Katrina Tan (Chairperson), Mdm Bharathi (Vice-Chairperson), Mdm Akanksha (IT Officer) 

Middle Row (From the left): Mdm Janelle Liew (Secretary), Mdm Alicia Lim (Publicity Officer), Mdm Hani (Dzuhanikah Shani) 
(Bistro IC),  Mdm Joyce Teo (Event Coordinator) 

Bottom Row (From the left): Mr Sam Wong (Dads for Life Chairperson), Mdm Doris Ngai, Mdm Ivy Zhao (Kyu Kyu Win), 
Mdm Ng Siao Hui

Join us in this meaningful endeavour today!

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