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All students will be Eloquent & Competent Communicators who will attain their P.E.A.K in North Vista.

P - Proficient Writers
E - Eloquent Speakers
A - Avid Readers
K - Keen Listeners

Key Programmes

1. Stretch Programme

- Creative Writers
"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."
— Louis L'Amour
With that belief, the Creative Writing Programme at Primary 4 and 5 aims to help young writers improve their writing craft and enhance their literary understanding. Activities thus provide a platform for like-minded students who are passionate about writing to meet and mutually develop their interests. Lessons focuses on using literary devices and crafting interesting plots to make their writing come alive. Students will be given opportunities to participate in writing competitions as well as the P5 Creative Writing Programme organized by the Gifted Branch.

- Trinity Guildhall Programme
Selected students who have an aptitude on performing on stage are given opportunities to undergo the training programme culminating in Trinity Guildhall Accreditation (Individual Performance).

2. Extend Programme

- School Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR) & Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)
It provides intervention for students with reading difficulties. Specially trained instructors conduct targeted and focussed lessons in order to level up phonemic awareness and reading comprehension skills.

- Extensive Reading & Sustained Programme @ North Vista (Primary 1 and 2)
Students who face difficulties in reading at Primary 1 and 2 are mentored by buddy readers and mentor readers. After reading a book, they will answer questions and be given reward stickers for participation. Students would read books recommended by National Library Board in order to supplement their reading diet once a term.

Students who face literacy difficulties at Primary 1 undergo a year levelling up after school programme twice a week in order to help them build confidence in language acquisition. Small group instruction allows individualized attention for each student. Their progress is tracked closely in order to assess the effectiveness of the programme.

3. Acquire Programme

- Explicit Instruction of Comprehension within STELLAR programme
What started out as a research project among a small group of teachers has evolved into a package within the STELLAR curriculum that aims to strengthen reading comprehension skills. With comprehension skills such as prediction, making judgements etc being explicitly mentioned and taught in class, students are better able to apply these skills during independently reading. The joy of reading is also promoted through various activities during the English Fiesta Weeks held in Term 2 and Term 4.

- Writing Programme
Writing strategies are broken down and explicitly taught to students. Teachers give detailed feedback to students in order to help them improve their writing skills. Peer editing is also carried out by students in various formats from Primary 3 onwards.

- Oracy Programme

- Oracy Enrichment Programmes at Primary 3 to 5
To supplement oracy programmes that are carried out during curriculum, enrichment programmes such as Readers’ Theatre, Storytelling and Public Speaking are carried out after school.

- Speech and Drama Programme at Primary 1 & 2
Teachers specially crafted Speech and Drama Programme at Primary 1 & 2 to provide opportunities for students to build stage presence and confidence. The scripts which are based on STELLAR texts that students have read are written to give each student the chance to speak. Skills such as pronunciation, projecting suitable facial expressions and voice projection are explicitly taught.

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