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Every student a lifelong learner, effective thinker, scientific inquirer and team player.

Objective of the Science Curriculum

To develop in our students’ scientific literacy in the areas of

  • Knowledge, Understanding and Application
  • Skills and Processes
  • Ethics and Attitudes

Key Programmes

1. Primary 3 Boat Making

Using recycled materials, students apply their knowledge and conceptual understanding of the physical properties of materials to construct a boat. The finished products are tested in a pool of water and opportunities are given for them to share the rationale for their choice of material.

2. Primary 3 Mealworm Cultivation

In the topic on life cycles, students are given the responsibility to take care of their own mealworms. Reinforcing the values of care for living things, students care for and at the same time trace the life cycle stages of the mealworm, documenting their growth through tables and images.

3. Primary 4 Shadow Puppets

Students create shadow puppets and write short stories ranging from fables to nursery rhymes. Their stories are showcased to fellow students in class and other platforms like the end of year Science and Technology Fair. As all puppets are of similar size, students apply the concepts of shadows and vary the distance of the puppets from the light source to create characters of different sizes.

4. Primary 5 Terrarium Workshop

Students experience the art of terrarium making through a workshop conducted by teachers. Through the workshop, the concept of self-sustenance of the system through the water cycle and photosynthesis are reinforced.

5. Primary 6 Hands-On Revision Program

Through the year, Primary 6 students are engaged in a series of hands-on activities that serve to reinforce and revise concepts learnt in previous years. This approach allows students to remain engaged throughout the learning process and at the same time observe scientific phenoma and concepts first hand to allow for effective understanding.

6. Eureka!

Students learn about the work of scientists in the various disciplines of science and how their values and attitudes have contributed to their success. The men and women past and present, local and international are celebrated in this program.

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